After the decades of liberal cultural hegemony that culminated in the Obama presidency, the twenty-first century seemed to have seen white racial activists permanently relegated to the lunatic fringe.

Then the alt-right materialized, effectively overnight, and began an ever-intensifying assault on the popular consciousness. To the chagrin of the left, the Republican establishment, and many entrenched interests, these “racists” were not the inept, “toothless rednecks” the media had trained the public to expect.

Quite the opposite.

The alt-right is foremost an intellectual movement, but its thinkers are anything but retiring academics. Its members are seldom over 40, often from middle class backgrounds, often college educated, and always on the cutting edge of Internet culture. With their legendarily brutal attacks on liberal utopianism, their ability to dominate any social media platforms where they aren’t censored, and more recently, their controversial public demonstrations, the alt-right has become the proverbial elephant in the room of American politics.

Are these merely neo-Nazis with updated packaging, or has this movement, as its members believe, tapped into something more profound? You’ve heard from their detractors. Here is an opportunity to get the information firsthand, and judge for yourself.