Now we know: people who truly reject the cultural Marxist religion aren’t entitled to a fair hearing.

Along with a growing list of books that calmly and rationally explain the twenty-first century reemergence of white identity, A Fair Hearing: The Alt-Right in the Words of Its Members and Leaders has been removed from and

Numerous books about the alt-right, by people who see dissident thinkers—and often simply white people—as categorically mentally ill if not inherently evil, are of course still available on Amazon. Books expounding on “white privilege” and “white fragility” are still available. Books promoting bomb-making, radical Islam, Zionism, black nationalism, child transsexualism, illegal immigration and any number of other “extremist” mindsets and agendas are still available.

What is not allowed on Amazon, as it is stated in the introduction to A Fair Hearing, is the idea that “white people, like all other distinct human populations, have legitimate group interests.” If you find it curious that this particular idea is the single thing that is officially forbidden in the modern West, then you owe it to yourself—and to your family, society and civilization—to look into why this is so.

A popular Internet maxim states that, “If you want to know who rules over you, just find out who you aren’t allowed to criticize.” A variation on that might be, “If you want to know which ideas truly threaten leftist agendas, just find out what they target for censorship.”

Fortunately, while Amazon enjoys something very close to a monopoly on book selling in the digital age, the digital age also makes true “memory holing” impossible. A Fair Hearing is still available from other online outlets, and directly from the publisher.

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